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  • Pop-up stand and exhibition counter
  • Pop-up stand and exhibition counter
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  • Pop-up Stand QuickPop

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Lightweight and quick to install pop-up stand / advertising wall - a classic! Takes little space and is light to carry when packed. Available in 3 sizes.

A typical pop-up stand with a bellows-folding aluminium frame. The graphics are printed on a textile fabric which is attached to the stand with a hook and loop. The fabric is printed with water-free sublimation inks that are harmless and has a B1 fire resistance certificate.

The fabric banner covers the front and side walls. Stand installation and replacing the banner takes only few minutes.

The set includes a pop-up stand and a transportation bag with wheels. Wide range of accessories available such as lights.

If convenience is of the essence then we recommend using an S-Tube background wall instead. It is more comfortable to carry and installing the graphics is a breeze. As an added bonus, the S-Tube wall has print on both sides.
Also see pop up counter.

Banner material:

Construction material: aluminium

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

SizeDimensions Price Availability
QuickPop-S2260 x 2260 x 295530 €In stock
QuickPop-M2995 x 2260 x 295620 €In stock
QuickPop-L3730 x 2260 x 295715 €Out of stock. Ask for delivery time!
Size Stand size
w x h x d (m)
Weight (kg) Pop-up stand Banner
QuickPop-S 2260 x 2260 x 295 9,5 395 € 135 €
QuickPop-M 2995 x 2260 x 295 11,8 450 € 170 €
QuickPop-L 3730 x 2260 x 295 13,8 515 € 200 €

Additional lighting available for purchase

Pop-up stand Lights (pieces) 150 W halogen lights LED lights and power supply
QuickPop-S 3 135 € 285 €
QuickPop-M 4 180 € 370 €
QuickPop-L 5 225 € 455 €

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