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Lightbox T-Flex LED-Wall

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  • Illuminated advertising at the shop
  • Illuminated wall for retail advertisements
  • Illuminated wall for showroom
  • Illuminated advertising wall for showroom
  • Illuminated SEG advertising
  • Illuminated wall for trade show
  • Illuminated wall for advertisements
  • Illuminated wall for showroom advertisements
  • Illuminated showroom advertisements
  • Illuminated wall for showroom or retail
  • Illuminated wall for product advertisement
  • Illuminated wall for product advertisement
  • Illuminated exhibition walls
  • Small SEG lightbox
  • Lightbox T-Flex LED-Wall


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Illuminated wall - a large light box made by the customer's measurements. The graphics is printed on easily replaceable fabric.

The fabric is mounted to the frame by a silicone strip sewn to the edge. Thus the name is silicon edge graphics or SEG. The fabric is easy to change. You can use multiple graphics alternately.

Changing the advertisement on lightboxes in different locations is now quick and cost-effective - new campaign graphics can be sent in succession to the lightbox installed at the point of sale.

Fabric is at B1 fire resistance class. Odorless and health-safe water-based sublimation inks are used for printing. Finishing of aluminium frames could be anodized or powder coated according to RAL colors.

These light boxes can be used, for example, as partitions or exhibition booth walls. The aluminum frame of the light box is almost invisible in direct view.

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Banner material:

Construction material: aluminium

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Depth of T-Flex lightbox
1-sided free-standing lightbox 85 mm
2-sided free-standing lightbox 96 mm

Light temperature 6500K / 5000K / 4000K (size restrictions) / 3000K (single sided)

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