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Contemporary and very stable roll up banner with a removable cartridge - use multiple graphics by turns.
Width 85 cm / 100 cm.

Roll up banner with an interchangeable graphics - changing the cartridge is extremely easy. Contemporary design at a cost-effective price. One-piece design gives high stability.

Quick and simple to use solution. Rollup Swap differs from other banners in having a replaceable cartridge.

Replacing the graphics takes only few seconds if you already own a replacement cartridge.

1. You can use the same roll up banner to display multiple ads

2. Replacing the graphics on your roll up banners on different location is now:
•  cost-effective - only the cartridge needs to be changed
•  quick - everyone can install the graphics cartridge - no need to change the roll up banner to the workshop.

Like on all our roll up banners, the graphics are printed only on premium grade material.

Set includes a roll up banner with one cartridge and a padded shoulder bag. You can also add lights as accessories.

Banner material:

Construction material: aluminium, plastic

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Full roll up set price

SizeDimensions Coala PP roll up filmAvailability
Swap Rollup 1001000 x 2000153 €In stock
Swap Cassette 85850 x 200052 €In stock
Swap Cassette 1001000 x 200063 €In stock

Rollup prices with different banner materials

Technical info

Roll up stand Banner
w x h (mm)
Weight (kg) Stand price Banner price Roll up stands
per package
SWAP Rollup 100 1000 x 2000 7 115 € 38 € 4
SWAP casette 85 850 x 2000 1,5 19 € 33 € -
SWAP casette 100 1000 x 2000 2 25 € 38 € -

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