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  • Protection shield / countertop acrylic screen
  • Protection shield / countertop acrylic screen
  • Protection shield / countertop acrylic screen
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  • Protection Shield Plexi

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Acrylic protection shield / countertop acrylic screen with service opening. In stock three sizes - 1000x750, 800x750 and 500x750 mm. Or you can order production in your own dimensions.

The transparent countertop protective screen / acrylic glas shield is made of 3mm clear acrylic. Thicker protective screens are available on request. Ask for price.

Side panel made of acrylic glass or MDF-sheet.

The transport packaging is flat. Installation is easy (3 parts, no tools required).

Custom protective wall, screen and shield solutions available on request!

Prevention is the best protection!

Construction material: acrylic glass / acrylic glass + MDF

In stock.
19 Courier package (upt o 31kg)

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Acrylic shield / countertop protective screen

SizeDimensions Acrylic side panelMDF side panel
Plexi-500500 x 750 x 250 mm47 €
In stock
47 €
In stock
Plexi-800800 x 750 x 250 mm56 €
In stock
56 €
In stock
Plexi-10001000 x 750 x 250 mm65 €
In stock
65 €
In stock

Other sizes and shapes of protection shields / acrylic screens available on request

Size Protection Screen weight (kg) Plexiglas thickness*
Plexi-500 2,3 3 mm
Plexi-800 2,8 3 mm
Plexi-1000 3,5 3 mm

Thicker plexiglass available on request. Ask price offer!

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