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Product Stand X10 Truss

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  • Product stand with shelves
  • Product shelf and presentation table
  • Stand with shelves
  • Product stand - X10 truss
  • Fair construction / expo system
  • Print holders / shelves for exhibition walls
  • Product stand
  • Print holders / shelves for exhibition walls
  • Exhibition construction - shelves for exhibition stands
  • Exhibition construction - shelves for exhibition stands
  • Scalable fair construction / expo system
  • Stand with shelves - X10 truss
  • Print holder / shelf on the trade fair wall
  • Shelves
  • Shelf mounting on the exhibition wall
  • Booth shelf
  • Product Stand X10 Truss

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Truss pop up product stand / shelves for displaying advertising materials and product samples.

Easily portable product stand. Suitable for a shop or a showroom and if desired a popup shop can be built from the truss system.

Ask for a price for a suitable size.

Installation is fast, no tools are required and the stands take up little space when packed. The structure can be expanded and if necessary, the same parts can be used to construct a new shaped stand. For example, you can make a product stand of a showroom, rebuild it into an advertising stand during the fair, and use it as a popup store for some events during a sales campaign.

Both black and white truss is available.

The length of the module changes in 10 cm steps (0.1-1.4 m), the choice includes arches, hinges, etc. We also manufacture shelves and other accessories.

Banner material: ,

Construction material: aluminum-plastic composite

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

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