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Counter Telas Neo


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Modern oval branded campaign counter for promotion with a fresh dynamically flowing design. The graphics is easily interchangeable.

The Telas counter combines S-Tube mobile tubular frame technology with flowing form lines and T-Flex silicone-edged graphics connectors. The good looking counter is result of combining two technologies. Quick and easy to install without requiring any tools thanks to the easy-locking tubular frame. Counter is lightweight and takes little space when packed.

- Supreme print quality
- 1m counter height guarantees comfortable use while standing
- Black countertop
- ⌀ 32mm aluminium tubular frame
- Washable fabric with a silicone edge
- Installation is quick and easy
- Maximum weight capacity 50kg
- Changing the printed graphics is easy
In addition, you can use the same counter alternately with several different printed graphics.
- Convenient carrying case included
The counter consists of an oval table top and a base which are connected to each other by three 32 mm diameter aluminium posts. The tiles have grooves suitable for the silicone edge of the fabric.
For S-Tube we use stretch fabric, which is printed with water-free sublimation inks that are harmless and have B1 fire resistance certificates. For attaching, there is a silicone flange on the edge of the fabric (same as on T-Flex products). 

Banner material:

Construction material: aluminium, laminate board

Measurements: 595 x 1015 x 395 mm

Weight: 8,5 kg

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Exhibition counterl and additional graphics for counter

Counter Counter
w x h x d (mm)
Weight (kg) Counter
Printed fabric
Carrying bag
w x h x d (cm)
Counters per package (pcs)
Telas Neo 595 x 1015 x 395 8,5 135 € 60 € 66 x 45 x 12 3

* Exhibition counter without fabric.
** Replacement fabric for counter. If desired, the table can be used alternately with several different graphics.

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